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Assembly House of Gernika

The Assembly House is the headquarters of the most important institutional organ of Bizkaia. It is located next to Gernika's oak tree, the most well known symbol for the Basques and a meeting place for the Lords of the domain of Bizkaia from the Middle Ages.

Architect Alfonso Echevarría carried out the project of the Assembly House, which was built from 1826 to 1833. Until 1826, the masses were said in the hermitage of Santa María de la Antigua, but it was demolished to build the new building, taking the original church as reference.

The Assembly Hall is the most important room of the Assembly House, and the plenaries of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia are held there. The hall is decorated with different paintings of the Lords of Bizkaia and they keep some elements of the old church, like the altar and the blessed water fonts.

In addition, we have to mention the Stained Glass Window Chamber, for the institution's own use. The big stained glass window makes reference to the Gernika's Tree and the assemblies that long ago were held there.

In fact, Gernika's Tree is located in the gardened precints of the Assembly House. This oak tree is the most well known symbol for the Basques and important ceremonies such us the investiture and the oath of the "Lehendakari" are held there.
Type of resources: Interesting buildings and structures
Monument type: Assembly House
Address: Allende Salazar, s/n  48300  GERNIKA-LUMO
Phone: +34 946 251 138Phone: +34 946 251 138
Artistic style: Neoclassical
Period : 19th century
Opening hours: Summer: 10am - 2pm and 4pm - 7pm
Winter: 10am - 2pm and 4pm - 6pm
Open seven days a week. To visit, make an appointment in advance by calling 946 251 138
Services: Public toilet / Park / Exhibition hall / Conference Hall / Guided visit
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