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Bendaña Palace

Bendaña Palace

Bendaña Palace is located in the heart of medieval Vitoria. It was built in the 16th century in the place that housed the Palace of the Arrieta Maeztu Family in the past. 

The remains can be found there. The palace's facade keeps the appearance of a medieval fortress house, despite the presence of late Gothic decorative elements on it. The interior presents Renaissance architecture, evident in its three-storey arch courtyard. 

Nowadays, after its restoration, the building houses the "Fournier" Playing Card Museum. It contains nearly 1,500 items from the Paleolithic -the origins of Alava- to the Modern era. Now both buildings make up Bibat. Two museums, two collections, one heritage.

Services: Public toilet / Bar/Coffee bar / Exhibition hall / Conference Hall / Shops / Guided visit
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Type of resources: Interesting buildings and structures
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Address: Cuchillería, 54  - 01001  Vitoria-Gasteiz
Phone: +34 945 203 707 / +34 945 181 920Phone: +34 945 203 707 / +34 945 181 920
Artistic style: Gothic-Renaissance
Period : 16th century