Chabola de la Hechicera dolmen

Chabola de la Hechicera dolmen

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Cultural Heritage

Chabola de la Hechicera dolmen is one of the most important monuments of its kind in the Basque Country, probably the biggest and the best kept in the area.

It was discovered in 1935. Nine stones describing a polygonal figure form the chamber. The gallery is made up of 5 latches and a sixth closing one. The cover stone was broken into three pieces, but once restored it was placed in what is believed to be its original position.

Apart from human remains, many different objects were found in the excavations: axes, pottery pieces, rings...

On the eve of the village's festivity, around August 15th, a witches' gathering known as Akelarre takes place around the dolmen; it is a performance including a male goat, witches, and so on.

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Type of resources
Archaelogical remains
Monument type

Megalithic funerary monument

Carretera Laguardia-Elvillar A-3228 - 01309 Elvillar/Bilar
Prehistory, Calcolithic


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