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Church of Santos Juanes

Church of Santos Juanes

The works of the church of the Santos Juanes began in 1622 and finished 20 years later. The Jesuit Padre Ramírez was responsible for the project. However, after the floods in 1983 the church had to be restored. We'd like to stress the main façade, designed in three streets or stretches.

The middle one is wider and higher and is connected to the other by means of wings. The access to the interior is done through a semi-circular arch, crowned by two Dorian columns that support a pediment. The cover followed that period's style: vault decorated with geometric forms. 

As regards its furniture, the high altarpiece is outstanding, with its Solomonic columns decorated with grapefruits. Likewise, there is a 16th century image of Christ and a sculpture of La Dolorosa dating back to the 18th century.

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Type of resources: Religious buildings
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Address: La Cruz, 4  - 48005  Bilbao
Phone: +34 944 153 997Phone: +34 944 153 997
Artistic style: Baroque
Period : 17th century.