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Edificio Ilgner

Edificio Ilgner

Ilgner building inaugurated in 1927 served for many years like installation of Blast Furnaces of Biscay. Nowadays it’s located in one of the best areas of the city, but in origin this building was out of the resto f the facilities in a swampy area to which it was appealed for lack of space. Its construction was complicated that demanded a system of Deep foundation to 27m under the level of the soil. 

The building owes its name to Karl Ilgner, who developed the “System Ilgner”, a reversible electrical direct current operation for trains of lamination that was turning out to be much cheaper than the steam operations, therefore Blast Furnaces implemented it with the company Schuckert Industria Eléctrica. 

The Ilgner building from its opening surprised for its beauty, it was a revolution, is a authentic jewel of the architecture with front in brick with enormous large Windows, and an interior decoration by means of ornamental motives. 

After the demolitions of the factory of Blast Furnaces of Biscay of 1995 it was rehabilitated to lodge the head office of the Centro de Desarrollo Empresarial de la Margen Izquierda (CEDEMI). 

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