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Ercilla Tower

  • Ercilla Tower
  • Ercilla Tower

Ercilla Tower

Ercilla tower, which belonged to Ercilla family, is located over Bermeo's old port. It is the only one that remains standing out of the 30 found in the past.


It was built at the end of the 15th century and even if its structure has some defense elements, its character is more or less that of a residence. The tower consists of six-side uneven plan and hexagonal roof. Its side walls give testimony to its fortress nature.


The main façade was built in sandstone masonry, as is the case of another side, even if this one is more irregular. The rest are built in checker work. It was declared historic monument in 1944 and the regional council of Bizkaia bought it three years later. Restored in 1948, since then, it hosts the Fisheman's Museum.

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Plaza Torrontero, 1  - 48370  Bermeo

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15th century