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Hermitage of San Pelaio

The little hermitage of San Pelaio is located between Bakio and Cape Matxitxako. It is one of the most popular hermitages in Bizkaia, both for its picturesque location on a steep bank overlooking the sea and its age. It should be noted that this building is one of the few examples of Romanesque style in Bizkaia.

Dating back to the 12th century, all through its perimeter it is surrounded by a wide portico with wooden roof, a common feature in many churches and hermitages in Bizkaia.

The clearest feature of its medieval identity is the delicate window decorating the apse with plant and geometric motifs.

Type of resources: Religious buildings
Monument type:


Address: Barrio San Pelaio  - 48130  Bakio
Phone: +34 946 193 395 (Bakio Tourist Office) Phone: +34 946 193 395 (Bakio Tourist Office)
Artistic style: Romanesque
Period : Middle Ages (12th century)
Services: Parking / Guided visit
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