Lea Trail and Marierrota

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In the Lea-Artibai region is located the Lea Trail and Marierrota, that it is composed so much by real estates as real estate and spaces of high hereditary value tied to an activity it ironed mill’s and naval that developed in the preindustrial and industrial epoch along with the mentioned river.


This industrial scenery placed along the tracing of the Lea river it is distribuited between the municipalities of Munitibar-Arbatzegi-Gerrikaitz, Aulesti, Gizaburuaga, Ispaster, Amoroto, Lekeitio and Mendexa and inside the cultural heritage that has left track in the vale, it stand out as for the hydraulic system between others: preys, channels, floodgates; in industrial productive buildings: foundries, mills, shipyards, hydroelectric power stations and sawmills in addition to real estates as hydraulic wheels and civil work like bridges, highways…etc.


Marierrota is a tide mill located at the mouth of the river between the beaches of Isuntza and Karraspio, which exploits the tide cycle to generate a waterfall that drives the mill.


This industrial scenery, qualified in 2015 as Cultural Property by the Basque Government, turns out to be exceptional because it still preserves the relation between the space and the human activity developed in her in the preindustrial and industrial epoch, and for preserving many of this original elements and the facts is that, unlike other hydrographic basins of the Basque Country the complaint suffered in this area was scarce in the epoch of the industrial revolution. 


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