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La Zurriola Bridge

  • La Zurriola Bridge
  • La Zurriola Bridge

La Zurriola Bridge

This beautiful bridge is the first of four located in the estuary of the River Urumea in San Sebastián. Built to connect the neighbourhood of Gros, La Zurriola Bridge, also known as Kursaal Bridge, was built in 1915, although its structure was modified due to the continuous battering of the waves.


The bridge consists of four spaces spanning three central supports, and two side supports. 


Its futuristic and expressionist streetlights complete this glamorous pass located between Kursaal Palace, with its two turrets designed by Rafael Moneo that evoke stranded rocks, and the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, home to important events on the cultural life in Donostia-San Sebastián.

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Paseo de la Zurriola  - 20003  Donostia / San Sebastián

Phone:   +34 943 481 166Phone:  

+34 943 481 166

Artistic style:

Modernist and expressionist

Period :

20th century