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María Cristina Bridge

  • María Cristina Bridge

María Cristina Bridge

Maria Cristina Bridge is the most elegant structure crossing over the River Urumea. The eclectic construction connects the centre of San Sebastián with the Estación del Norte Station (Donostia-San Sebastián's main railway station) and the Bus Station.


Engineer José Eugenio Ribera and architect Julio María Zapata were responsible for building it in 1904 in a record time of nine months. It consists of three openings and the pattern followed for its construction was the Alejandro III Bride in Paris, with its four obelisks at its ends surmounted by sculptures (and marking the entrance).


The polychrome coats or arms round off each of the obelisks and together with the polychrome ceramics of its arches give the figures a colourful touch.


The structure is made of reinforced concrete with lining and decoration in reddish artificial stone.


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Entre el Paseo de Francia y el Paseo de los Fueros  - 20012  Donostia / San Sebastián

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