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Mendiluze Cromlech

Mendiluze Cromlech was discovered in 1983 in Legaire fields, in Entzia mountain range, and was excavated the following year by the archaeologist J.I. Vegas Aranburu.

It consists of a stone circle built with small stones where four big menhirs stand out. A reduced inner structure was found, forming a construction similar to a rectangular cist, containing bone and coal remains.

The monument is almost 2,700 years old and served as burial site for the inhabitants of the area.
Type of resources: Archaelogical remains
Monument type: Megalithic art
Address: Entzia Mountain Range  01200  SALVATIERRA/AGURAIN
Phone: +34 945 302 931 (Salvatierra/Agurain Tourist Office) Phone: +34 945 302 931  (Salvatierra/Agurain Tourist Office)
Period : Prehistory, Iron Age
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