Mirandaola Foundry

Mirandaola Foundry

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Mirandaola foundry, located in Mirandaola Park, is the only ironworks still working out of the seven existing in Legazpi in the 15th century. Despite the fact that the installation closed in the 19th century, it underwent restoration works in 1952 thanks to the patronage of Patricio Etxeberria and Teresa Agirre.


Nowadays the installation is propelled by a mill and observing its running is allowed every first Sunday of each month during autumn and winter, as well as every Sunday from April onwards.


The tour starts in bellows room. As the name points out that is the place where the bellows keeping alive the furnace that smelts iron are set in motion. Next, the visitors will go into the working area, where blacksmiths dressed in ancient clothes will be dealing with equipment, machinery and controlling the forge and making displays of skills that will delight those who attend. The tour completes with explanations given by the guide and once finished, the visitors will have the chance to visit the adjoining hermitage, which hosts paintings by Soler Blasco.


The pictures depict a miraculous event that took place in the foundry on May 3rd of 1580. The story goes that a group of men were working on a Sunday, though it was forbidden by the Catholic Church. After several hours smelting iron, they just produced a cross-shaped piece of iron of 12-14 pounds instead of having enough quantity to produce 600 pounds. The Archbishop of Pamplona declared the event a miracle in 1633. Mirandaola Day, which is held on the following Sunday to May 4th is one of the most beloved events by all the Legazpi inhabitants. That day the holy cross is taken from the parish church to the hermitage of Mirandaola, which was erected as a dedication to the just mentioned miracle. Following mass a procession with dancing, music and popular meals is held.

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Parque de Mirandaola, Telleriarte s/n - 20230 Legazpi


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