Mollarri mineral loading dock / Photo: Haritz Eizagirre

Mollarri mineral loading dock

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The mineral loading dock of Malla Harria or Mollari, Zarautz, is perched on a spot overlooking the beach of Zarautz from the east, known as Talaimendi.


The dock was built in the early 20th century to provide an outlet to the sea for the iron extracted from the mines of Andazarrate, in the locality of Asteasu, over 10 km away. The iron was carried in wagons along an aerial track supported by 112 piers.


This system, designed by the engineer Wilhelm Vahl Müller, was used to transport the mineral to a stone warehouse, from which another similar funicular covered the 300 metres of distance and 35 metres height difference to the dock located on the islet of Mollarri, where a cantilever-type loading system was constructed.


The system was in operation from 1905 until the mid-20s, and remained there until the 40s, when it was taken to be re-used elsewhere, probably at the Arrona cement factory in Zestoa.


Today the surroundings of the dock have been restored and the outside, where there are information boards, can be visited. A strongly-built wooden walkway runs from Zarautz through the Iñurritza biotope to the old dock.


This spot offers fine views of the Basque coastline, especially at dusk.

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Talaimendi - 20800 Zarautz