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Mutiloa Mines and Ormaiztegi Viaduct

Mutiloa Mines and Ormaiztegi Viaduct

The Mutiloa mines’ transport and storage facilities stretch as far as the town of Ormaiztegi, where it joined the Madrid-Irún railway, seeking the profitable European markets.


The  Ormaiztegi viaduct was opened on 15 August 1864 and is the town’s most emblematic symbol. In figures, the viaduct could be defined as: “18,000 tonnes of steel resting on 4 columns, 289 metres long and 34 metres high.” These features make it the most important structure on the Madrid-Paris line.

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Type of resources: Interesting buildings and structures
Address: Muxika egurastokia, 6  - 20216  Ormaiztegi