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San Adrian tunnel

  • San Adrian tunnel
  • San Adrian tunnel
  • San Adrian tunnel
  • San Adrian tunnel
  • San Adrian tunnel

San Adrian tunnel

The San Adrián tunnel is part of the inland Saint James' Way and one of the beauty spots of the Aizkorri-Aratz nature park. It is a tunnel running through the rock of a mountain, in a spectacular setting.


It is also a historic place, through which pilgrims, merchants and kings have passed over the centuries.


It is only about 70 metres long, but inside it houses a chapel with the same name, reached by a mediaeval road which clearly shows its importance as a communication link in the past.


The two villages closest to the tunnel are Zalduondo (in Álava province) and Zegama (in Gipuzkoa), the tunnel lying on the border between the two provinces.


The way from the village of Zalduondo is via a metalled road that goes to the locality of Zumarraundi (known as “Las Petroleras”). It stretches for some five kilometres, in a patchy state of repair, not without difficulty as the route climbs.


The way from Zegama is along a high, steeply-sloping footpath through the Aizkorri hills.

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