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The historical monuments of Quejana

  • Museum of Quejana
  • Graves of the Lords of Ayala

The historical monuments of Quejana

The historical monuments of Quejana comprise Ayala Palace Fortress (14th century), the Convent of San Juan Bautista and the Virgen del Cabello Tower Chapel.


The museum, located in the Ayala Palace, explains the history of the House of Ayala through plenty of documents, images, mock-ups and objects that are kept in one of the former palace's wings. It also accommodates the sarcophaguses of Pedro López de Ayala "The Chancellor", his wife and parents.


The museum also exhibits several works of art kept zealously for over 600 years in the Convent of cloistered Carmelites, San Juan Bautista.


It is required to make an appointment for a visit by calling the following telephone number: 945 399 264.

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+34 945 399 264