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The Varona Family's Palace-Tower

The Varona Family's Palace-Tower

This building is a unique historic construction where we can distinguish two parts: the palace and the tower.

The latter is built in ashlar.The impressive Varona family's palace-tower is a spectacular example of military architecture of the 14th century, and it is said to be the best preserved fortress in Alava. It is built in a plateau, thereby towering above the landscape.

The tower stands out on one of the sides with bartizans projecting from the corners and with modillions. The south wall features a machicolation and a hipped roof whose eaves cover the crenellated area.

Two sides of the palace are attached to the tower, which is surrounded by battlements and a ditch.

Completely restored and turned into a museum, the Valdegovía Tourist Office arranges guided tours to the palace where the story of the tower is told and a live recreation of the palace is also displayed.

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Type of resources: Castles, towerhouses and palaces
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Address: Calle Real, 11  - 01426  Valdegovía/Gaubea
Phone: +34 945 35 30 35 / +34 945 35 30 40Phone: +34 945 35 30 35 / +34 945 35 30 40
Artistic style: Gothic tower, whereas the palace has no prevailing style (built from the 15th century onwards).
Period : 14th century