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Torre de los Orgaz de Fontecha

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  • Torre de los Orgaz de Fontecha tower

Torre de los Orgaz de Fontecha

This tower-house of the Orgaz is a group formed by the wall, the tower and the palace. The tower was built in the late 14th century with sandstone well treated. It's rectangular and in its façades appear several kinds of windows. The palace was erected in the 16th century, when the group lost its defence task. This work was done with sandstone and was given a rectangular form. The main entrance to the palace is an arch help up by gothic columns. In the late 19th century, probably after a time of neglect, this building started to be used as a country house. Years later, in the 20th century, the settlement was totally abandoned, and now it hosts the Escuela Taller Micaela Portilla Training School that, apart from the Training Programmes, is in charge of the restoration and renovation of the building itself. Type of monument: Tower and palace. Period: Middle Age (14th and 15th centuries). Observations: Currently, it hosts the Escuela Taller Micaela Portilla that renovates the building. Visits are not allowed.

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