Tourism destinations



  • Bidasoa-Txingudi
  • Aiako Harria Nature Park
  • Plaiaundi Ecological Park
  • Irun
  • Mount Jaizkibel
  • Hondarribia


The bay of Bidasoa-Txingudi is a border region that has known how to protect its natural and historical heritage over the centuries. On its streets you can see Roman and medieval remains, as well as early 20th century and Neo-Basque architecture. The region has an intense cultural life and it is also an ideal destination for lovers of active tourism.


A part of the territory is located inside the spectacular Aiako Harria Nature Park, of significant geological interest. And in full contact with the town of Irun we can find the Plaiaundi Ecological Park, a 24-hectare enclave of renowned natural value that serves as a refuge to migratory birds.


Anyone who stops in Hondarribia, at the foot of Mount Jaizkibel, must not miss a stroll through its walled old town, with its cobbled streets, houses with their coats of arms and singular buildings. Meanwhile, the Marina district captures the attention of visitors with its colourful fishermen´s houses.

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