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Goierri is set at the heart of Gipuzkoa, under the slogan "Taste the authentic": we are in the birthplace of Idiazabal cheese and its residents have known how to keep the rich history of the region intact.


The Aralar and Aizkorri-Aratz Nature Parks hold important mythological remains, the legendary cave of San Adrian and the ancient Roman road.


The cultural heritage of Goierri is rich and varied: monumental complexes, medieval villages, mining complexes and several museums to explain Basque roots; and as for its gastronomy, don't forget to taste the internationally renowned Idiazabal Cheese, as well as the endless quality local products, and to make a tour of the Ordizia market on Wednesdays.


To enjoy all this, Goierri has a wide range of restaurants and accommodation committed to quality, as well as a range of experiences and events that won't let you down and will make you feel like a true local "goierritarra".

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