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Cod, "Pil-Pil" style

  • Cod "pil-pil"

Cod, "Pil-Pil" style

Ingredients: 4 pieces of boneless cod
4 cloves garlic
Virgin olive oil


Leave the cod to soak overnight and change water three times to desalt. Remove the scales from the fish and dry it up with a clean cloth. Put a clay saucepan over mid fire with olive oil and cloves of garlic sliced up into sheets. When they get brown remove them from the heat and put them aside. Place four slices of cod into the saucepan and leave them simmer (never fry) about 7-8 minutes, until the cod is softened. Remove the sauce pan from the heat and put the cod into another saucepan with the skin facing up and add two spoons of hot oil and leave it cook two or three minutes. Leave it over slow fire and pour the sauce as well as the rest of the oil. Stir it carefully in circles so that the cod does not separate, as that would make the sauce curdle. As we toss the saucepan, the sauce will thicken until it gets a jelly-like structure and it is ready to eat. Serve with the skin facing up and covered with a sauce that partially fills the pieces of cod. Over each slice of cod place golden sheets of garlic we earlier put aside.

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