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Port of Donostia-San Sebastián

The port of San Sebastian lies at the eastern side of La Concha Bay, below the Sagrado Corazón Statue on Mount Urgull. It is a small triangular port with one basin for fishing and another for leisure.

Its 400 mooring places are permanently occupied. Boat trips depart from the port for whoever is willing to enjoy a pleasant view of the bay.


Cranes: 4 (1 of 6 tons and 3 private)
Repair and wood craftsman garages
Petrol and diesel supply

Services in connection with fishing and managed by the Guild:
Fish market

Location: 43º19.4' N 1º59.3' W
Tidal range: 4.5 m

Entrance Mouth:
Width: 20 m
Water depth in LLW: 3 m
Position: S
Address: Kaia, 23  - 20003  DONOSTIA / SAN SEBASTIÁN
Fish Sale: Private fish sale in the afternoons.
Market: Fishermen start to weigh the fish at 5:30pm. It's open to the public. The sale begins at 7:30pm and it is not open to the public, unless special requests are made.
Services: Parking
Special offers
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