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Port of Hondarribia

  • Port of Hondarribia

Port of Hondarribia

This is one of the most important inshore ports of the Basque coast. The south dock has the capacity to harbour the whole fishing fleet of Hondarribia. In fact, the construction of the outer sea wall and the south dock turn the port of Hondarribia into a closed area with a 200-metre mooring dock.


These performances, along with the new marketplace and icehouse restoration enabled to move all the fishing activities to the shelter-port thereby, freeing the town centre, building the sports marina, and giving response to Hondarribia¿s tourist nature and the needs of the existing amount of leisure boats.



Shipyard: La Marina Ship-to-shore cranes: 2 La Marina. Guild Cranes: 3 (1.5 tons and 5 tons and 1 private) Repair garages Water Petrol and diesel supply Electricity Naval supplies Guild Phone: (34) 943642152 Location: 43º23.2' N 1º47.4' W Tidal range: 4.5 m Entrance Mouth: Width: 55 m Water depth in LLW : 5 m Position: SE

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Ramon Iribarren Pasealekua Ibilbidea, 29  - 20280  Hondarribia

Phone:   +34 943 641 711 / +34 943 646 031Phone:  

+34 943 641 711 / +34 943 646 031


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