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Albaola, The sea factory of the basques

Certificado de Buenas Prácticas Ética Turística de Euskadi

Albaola is an innovative space located in Pasaia, close to San Sebastian, where the Basque maritime universe is explained and where the handcrafted maritime technology is recovered and given value.


The core business of this Factory is the building of historical vessels. In Albaola, the Basque Maritime Factory, it is possible to know the building of a replica of the San Juan Galleon, an iconic whaleboat of the 16th century.


Located in Ondartxo cove, in Pasaia, , it allows knowing on site the history of the San Juan whaleboat, an example of the first transoceanic cargo vessels setting sail from Euskadi to Terranova, as well as the handcrafted works that will be performed during the next years.


For building its replica, the same handcrafted materials are used and the historical process of building is also respected. It is divided into three spaces: - The museum and the permanent exhibition, - The space for handcrafted work of bank carpenters and - The big wooden shed where the already worked parts of the San Juan whaleboat will be assembled.


As attractive and due to a work in the pedestrian access to the museum, the only way to get there will be by boat, a free service for all our visitors. All the information about the boat access will be detailed directly to the visitor when making the reservation.

BOOKING NECESSARY:  / (+34) 943.39.24.26 (from tuesday to friday: 10:00 - 14:00).

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Ondartxo ibilbidea 1 - 20110 Pasaia
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Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00-14:00 / 15:00-19:00

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