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Algorri Interpretation Centre

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  • Algorri Interpretation Centre
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  • Students visit the cliffs of the flysch
  • Students visit the cliffs of the flysch
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Algorri Interpretation Centre

Algorri Interpretation Centre helps visitors to understand the Zumaia cliffs and tidal plain, a privileged natural setting. The imposing cliffs at Zumaia constitute one of the most significant, well-known geological sanctuaries in the world.


Besides this geological treasure, Zumaia also features remarkable examples of different Cantabrian formations and ecosystems, including the impressive Deba-Zumaia tidal plain (declared a protected biotope), the Santiago dunes, the Artadi oak forest and the Bedua islands and marshlands. Algorri features an exhibition focusing on this natural setting, including audiovisual materials, educational workshops, a laboratory, a library and guided tours (on foot and/or by boat) to discover the area first hand (tours on Saturdays).

Services: Library / Video rooms / Guided visit

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Special offers

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Juan Belmonte, 21  - 20750  Zumaia

Phone:   +34 943 143 100Phone:  

+34 943 143 100

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From March to June and from September to November:
•From Tuesday to Friday: 10.00am-1.30pm / 4.00pm-6.30pm
•Saturdays: 10.00am-1.30pm / 4.00pm-7.30pm
•Sundays: 10.00am-1.30pm
January, February and December:
•Thursdays and Fridays: 10.00am-1.30pm / 4.00pm-6.30pm
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