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Arms Industry Museum

Arms Industry Museum

Eibar is home to a museum devoted to the preservation and exhibition of the historical memory and the industrial heritage of a town traditionally linked to the arms industry. This is a good way to recognise the job carried out by the artisans over the past centuries.

The museum provides a historical route throughout the evolution of the industry from the 14th century to these days, showing how as a result of the sector's crisis in the 1920s Eibar passed from being a completely arms production to a large production diversification. The museum houses among its pieces a large group of arms belonging to several collections such as the Armoury School Museum, and a wide range of local products such as bicycles, motorcycles, household appliances, office material... Apart from reflecting a broad production variety that has led to the development of the industry, they also show international importance.

The visitors begin the tour with an audio-visual display recounting the 600-year history of gun-making in the area. Second, they will move on to the exhibition facilities, divided up into two section: the first features exclussively an arms' collection and the evolution of small arms. As to the second area, it displays the history of Eibar by means of its industrial evolution. Facts that have been and still are the driving force of economy.
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Address: Bista Eder, 10 5º  - 20600  Eibar
Phone: +34 943 708 446Phone: +34 943 708 446
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Tue - Fri: 10am - 1.30pm
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