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Basque Iron Museum

The Basque Iron Museum is situated in Legazpi, within an ancient foundry of the same name. It focuses on iron from the point of view of technology, history, science, heritage, industry, landscape, and so on. Furthermore, the centre displays original elements of the old pavilion of "Fundiciones San Miguel", where the museum is located. It reuses those materials and gives them new functions in accordance with the new applications.


The connection between the human being, the environment and iron making is the starting point of the following routes: "El latido de las ferrerías" and "Un viaje a los años 50: la Ruta Obrera". The museum consists of 14 areas where iron is tacked from different points of view: influence on landscape, in art and mythology, mineral extraction, energy, foundries, its transformation into steel, socio-economic organisation, forging and smelting, technological innovations, and so on.

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Mirandaola Parkea. Telleriarte auzoa, s/n  - 20230  Legazpi

Phone:   +34 943 730 428Phone:  

+34 943 730 428

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Given the current situation it will remain CLOSED, anyway, it can be visited by appointment. (943 73 04 28)

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