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Bibat Museum

'Fournier' Playing Cards Museum and the Museum of Archaeology have merge to create Bibat. The building, located in the Old Town of Vitoria-Gasteiz, consists of four floors, two basements and owns approximately 250 packs of cards and1.500 playing cards. Regarding the section focusing on archaeology, it is home to a summary of Álava's history from its origins in the Palaeolithic until the founding of medieval towns, as well as an approach to the archaeological method. The exhibitions are organised chronologically, beginning in the Palaeolithic and finishing in the Middle Ages. The collection goes over the Neolithic and the dolmens, the Megalithic Age in general and the burial caves; the Bronze Age, the Iron Age with thematic exhibitions such as The House of the Iron Age in Álava. As to card games, the new museum houses a card collection compiled by Félix Alfaro Fournier, considered the most important lot in the world for many people. 250 packs of cards are divided according to subjects and explanations of their manufacturing and different types of games are given.

Information of interest

Cuchillería, 54. Junto al Palacio de Bendaña. - 01001 Vitoria-Gasteiz
Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am-2pm and 4pm-6.30pm

Sundays and public holidays: 11am-2pm

Mondays: closed, except for public holidays. Tuesday after holiday Monday, closed.

Free admission.

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