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Gernika Peace Museum

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  • Gernika Peace Museum
  • Gernika Peace Museum
  • Gernika Peace Museum
  • Gernika Peace Museum

Gernika Peace Museum

What is peace? What is the legacy of the bombing of Gernika? , the bombing narrated by the people who lived it and what about Human Rights in the world today?


Taking the previous questions as a point of reference, the Peace Museum targets at creating an attractive and dynamic area that does not expect to impose absolute truths, but invites visitors to ask themselves and talk about peace. The motto of the museum states that "It is a museum to remember, a museum for the future".


Collections: Texts, exhibition panels, objects, audiovisuals (including a sham of Gernika's bombardment) and a copy of Picasso's painting "Guernica" that provides information on peace.


Services: Library / Conference Hall / Video rooms / Shops / Guided visit / Archives

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Special offers

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Foru Plaza, 1  - 48300  Gernika-Lumo

Phone:   +34 946 270 213Phone:  

+34 946 270 213

Opening hours:

Summer timetable (4th April to 16th October):

Tuesday to Saturday: 10am-7pm

Sunday and Monday: 10am-3pm

in Winter:

Monday: closed

Tuesday to Sunday: 10am-4pm

No. of rooms: