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Idiazabal Cheese Tasting and Interpretation Centre

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Idiazabal Cheese Tasting and Interpretation Centre

The Cheese Tasting and Interpretation Centre, of informative nature, shows the whole history about the Idiazabal Cheese.


Shepherds that have been settled down in the Basque Country over generations elaborate this cheese with raw milk of latxa sheep from Karrantza. The centre is situated on a 210-sq. metres ground floor divided into several thematic areas that enable getting to know deeply shepherds' world -from ancient times to nowadays-, the process in situ of cheese making and the chance to taste it in the very centre.

Therefore, the centre houses Izal's family. Izal is a nice mouse that, by means of a virtual tour, will show us the history of cheese. Other rooms expose information about different denomination cheeses and a reproduction of a traditional shepherd's "txabola" (hut) with its furniture, fittings and tools. To stimulate the senses of smell and taste, the visitors will smell four different cheeses' aromas, apart from an initiation tasting with the help of audiovisual software of tactile screen and guided by the centre staff. To finish, a guided tour to Quesería Aramburu is arranged. This is an authentic cheese factory located a few metres from the centre.


The Cheese Tasting and Interpretation Centre belongs to the Basque network of food and drink museums.

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Address: Kale Nagusia, 37 bajo  - 20218  Idiazabal
Phone: +34 943 188 203Phone: +34 943 188 203
Opening hours:

All year Saturdays, Sundays and festives: 11:00-14:00 y 16:00-19:00

Rest of the week booking is necessary. Easter, July and August Daily: 11:00-14:00 y 16:00-19:00

No. of rooms: 4
Capacity: 60