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Iturraran, Pagoeta nature park visitor centre

The Pagoeta nature park has a visitor centre at Iturraran, a beautiful 18th-century farmstead which conserves its original wooden structure.


Parketxe Iturraran houses a permanent exhibition about the physical and ethnographical context of Pagoeta. It also offers an educational workshop and various interactive media, thanks to which visitors can see the balance that exists between nature and the human activities carried on sustainably over the centuries.


But without a doubt one of the great attractions of Iturraran is the botanical garden surrounding the centre. It covers an area of 25 hectares, 10 of them with native plants, and it currently has a collection of about 5,500 taxons, most of them trees and shrubs from different parts of the world. At one end of the garden is the Biodiversity Garden, which boasts a fine collection of threatened plants from the Basque Country.


Two other places nearby that are well worth visiting are the educational beehive and the ironworks and mills of Agorregi.

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