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Manuel Acha Liqueur Museum

Ética Turística de Euskadi

The first Basque Country Liqueur Museum examines the history of the Manuel Acha distillery, which is an emblematic firm settled in Amurrio since its creation in 1831.

The museum is located on the distillery's first floor and divided into three spaces. The area analyses all sorts of liqueur manufacture and provides eminent brands such as Karpy, which consists of a meticulous selection of sweet and bitter oranges and Pacharán Atxa, made of blackthorns picked up in Orduña Mountains.

This way, the museum displays from the very first barrels and utensils used to drip aguardiente (alcoholic beverage) and liqueurs to accounts and advertising material from the beginning of the 20th century. There are also available references about Karpy; a cycling team from the 60-70s. Jerseys and caps of those times are on display.

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Maskuribai, 4 - 01470 Amurrio
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Due to the current situation due to COVID19, visits to the Acha Museum are canceled.

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