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Memorial Museum of Iron Belt

  • Memorial Museum of Iron Belt

Memorial Museum of Iron Belt

The Iron Belt was a big line designed during the Civil war to defend Bilbao and his municipalities, in case the pro-Franco army was exceeding the fronts protected by the Basque troops. This belt would defend the most important places to maintain lively a besieged city: ports, airfields, reservoirs...


It was built between 1936 and 1937 by 10.000 Basques men and women during the order of Basque Country President, Jose Antonio Aguirre. It was formed by the mountains that were surrounding the city, a network of trenches, machine gunners nests, wire fences and diverse defensive elements.


Thanks to the information facilitated by the traitor captain Goicoechea, the pro-Franco army discovered the weak points of the defensive belt and in June, 1937 crossed it for one of them in the Larrabetzu locality.


Memorial Museum of Iron Belt keeps alive the memory of all those persons who died by the Civil War. It is located in the Cultural Center of Berango, next to the nest of machine fun of the Iron Belt of Berango and Sopela.


In the visit to museum, across a clear and modern scenery, it will be possible to know how and why the Iron Belt was built, also to enjoy a movie and go through all the remains that stay of the same one.

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Address: Simon Otxandategi, 64  - 48640  Berango
Phone: +34 94 668 21 43Phone: +34 94 668 21 43
Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 12pm-14pm and 17pm – 20pm
Saturday 11am – 13pm and 17pm – 19pm
Sunday 11am – 13pm
August and Public Holidays closed

Free entry and tour guide

No. of rooms: 1
Capacity: 40