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  • Sagardoetxea
  • Sagardoetxea
  • Museum Sagardoetxea
  • Museum Sagardoetxea
  • Museum Sagardoetxea
  • Museum Sagardoetxea
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Museum Sagardoetxea

The Museum Sagardoetxea consists of three different spaces: the museum, the apple orchard and the centre for tasting.


The museum is full of photographs, information boards, games, interactive screens, as well as materials linked with the newest technologies to display. The apple orchard consists of 8 different areas where several types of apple trees, growing and grafts will be shown.


Finally, in the third area visitors will taste the cider and particularly receive an introductory course to the "txotx", the practice of opening barrels. Products of the 13 cider cellars making up the Sagardun consortium will be tasted. In the centre for tasting easy ground analyses are made, as well as the ripening process of the apples and other activities in which visitors can take part. 


When the weather does not allow walking along the exteriors of the museum, the centre can be visited. Exhibitions: Through interactive material, photos and games, the Sagardoetxea Museum shows the history, past, present and future of the amazing world of the apple and its relevance in the Basque Country. The museum belongs to the Basque network of food and drink museums.

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Kale Nagusia, 48  - 20115  Astigarraga

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+34 943 550 575

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Tuesday to Saturday from 11: 00-13: 30 and 16: 00-19: 30.

Sundays and holidays: 11: 00-13: 30. Monday weekly rest (except July and August).

Closing days: July 26 (afternoon) December 24, 25 and 31 January 1 and 6



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