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Nautilus, Mutriku Geological Interpretation Centre

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Nautilus, Mutriku Geological Interpretation Centre

Nautilus, the Mutriku Geological Interpretation Centre was founded in order to study and explore the roots of Mutriku, a town located in the province of Gipuzkoa.


The key to unlocking this information is to be found in Mutriku's rocks, which unveil secrets that have been hidden for millions of years. An audiovisual presentation in Spanish and Basque explains to us, step by step, Mutriku's geological history, starting from 120 million years ago and taking us right up to the present day. In addition, brightly coloured displays allow us to peer into the fauna and flora of the era.


All of the fossils which are exhibited in Nautilus come from the collection of Jesús M. Narváez Amasorrain and have been gathered in Mutriku over a period of 30 years.

Similarly, at Nautilus we can find some of the most representative fossil specimens of the Mesozoic Era: the ammonites. It is a thrilling journey in time which will transport us to the dinosaur era.

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Address: Jose Antonio Ezeiza, 3  - 20830  Mutriku
Phone: +34 943 60 32 59 / +34 943 60 33 78Phone: +34 943 60 32 59 / +34 943 60 33 78
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No. of rooms: 1
Capacity: 31