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Parketxe Lizarrusti

Perched on the pass from which it takes its name, Lizarrusti is the reception and visitor centre for the Aralar nature park and the starting point for walks along the Lareo trail or the ascent of Txindoki.


Lisarrusti has a room equipped to awaken visitors' sensations to give them an idea of what can be found in the Aralar nature park. Other rooms include one to find out about mountain routes and another with games.


Also, in collaboration with the Joxe Miel Barandiaran museum, the centre runs activities aimed at highlighting the essence of the natural and cultural heritage of the Aralar nature park, the features of the environment and their relationship with the people who live there.


Among other facilities, the building houses a hostel

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Aia Auzoa, 2 Ataun