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San Telmo museum

  • San Telmo Museum. The exterior (O. Moreno)
  • San Telmo Museum. Cloister (I. Odriozola)
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  • San Telmo Museum. Exhibition (O. Moreno)
  • San Telmo Museum. Exhibition (O. Moreno)
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San Telmo museum

Inaugurated in 1902, the San Telmo Museum is the oldest museum of the Basque Country. It has been reopened in 2011, after a five-year restoration and extension process. It is the biggest museum dedicated to the interpretation of Basque society, from prehistory to the present. The old building was a Dominican monastery built in the 16th century. The new pavilion was built below Mount Urgull, and it houses temporary exhibitions, among others.


The Museum has a 11,000 square meter display space and contains more than 26,000 art pieces; a selection of them is shown in several exhibition segments: Traces in MemoryThe Awakening of Modernity and The Historical Art Collection. In addition, the video called From monastery to museum explains the evolution of San Telmo.


On the other hand, in the tower of the monastery there is a space called The Museum of Gipuzkoan Museums, which contains information about the centres forming the Gipuzkoa Museum Network.

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