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The Bread Corner

The Bread Corner

The Bread Corner (El Rincón del Pan) is situated within the Igaralde-Goena Farmhouse in the neighbourhood of Brinkola, Legazpi. The museum exhibits the characteristics of milling and bread making tradition in the region of Urola.

It aims to become a tribute to the miller figure and bread intake, which is a constant feature of our history. Therefore, the Bread Corner explains different processes that go from sowing grain to the very instant in which the bread is taken out of the oven. Farming implements, mills grinding grain, the oven to bake bread and many other utensils are present in the place.
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Address: Igaralde-Goena Farmhouse
Brinkola Neighbourhood  - 20230  Legazpi
Phone: +34 943 730 428Phone: +34 943 730 428
Opening hours: Guided tours: During the week by previous appointmet.
Sunday: 10:30am and 11:30am
Tour Length: 30 minutes approx.
No. of rooms: 2
Capacity: 30