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Toki-Alai, Urkiola nature park reception and visitor centre

Toki-Alai, Urkiola nature park reception and visitor centre, is just 200 metres from the top of the Urkiola pass on the way up to the peak of Saibigain, in a setting that offers stunning views of the park, with the sanctuary church of Urkiola in the foreground and the ridge between Alluitz and Anboto.


Toki-Alai organises informative, educational and discovery activities To do this it has a permanent exhibition where the highlights include a stuffed bear, the last to inhabit these mountains 150 years ago.


During the academic year the centre hosts school visits as part of its educational programme and at weekends it runs a programme of activities open to the general public, such as bird watching, mushroom identification and guided routes.


Moreover, visitors to Toki-Alai can get information about various circular routes to discover the landscapes and environment of the Urkiola nature park, at different levels of difficulty, from family routes visiting legendary settings like Baltzola to going round Anboto or climbing to its legendary peak.


Outside Toki-Alai there are charcoal-burning structures called txondorrak, while around the nearby farmstead of Letona-Korta - used for school programmes, conferences, talks and exhibitions - there are some spectacular trees such as an ancient yew.

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