Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park

Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park

The Aizkorri-Aratz nature park, straddling the provinces of Álava and Gipuzkoa, stands out for its limestone mountains and its endless beech woods.

It boasts the highest peak in the Basque Country, Aitxuri (1,551 m) and legend has it that the mythological goddess Mari can still be found among its peaks.

Come and see the biggest Griffon vulture colony in Gipuzkoa! Or why not visit Arrikrutz cave? What about a walk through the impressive Iturrigorri beech forest? Or how about going to see some Latxa sheep in their natural habitat? All this and more awaits you in Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park. This park, with mountains that rise up like a rock wall between the provinces of Gipuzkoa and Alava, is a firm favourite with Basque mountaineers.

As well as having highest mountain range in Euskadi, the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park is home to some of the region’s richest cultural heritage such as dolmens, ancient caves and Roman roads.

Popular locally, Saint Adrian’s tunnel is traversed by an ancient road (part of Camino Real and St. James’ Way), linking Gipuzkoa with Alava.

The main way into the park passes by the spectacular sanctuary church of Arantzazu, perched over a deep gorge, which is a must-see because of its architectural and artistic interest. Moreover, the locality of Araia, in Álava province, also serves as a starting-off point to climb Aratz (1,443 metres).

In addition to the information centre at Arantzazu, with a large permanent exhibition, there is a park visitor centre in the locality of Araia, in Álava province, which also offers visitors information about routes, places of interest, educational programmes and guided tours for groups.

To learn even more about the Aizkorri-Aratz nature park, you can visit the Aizkorriko Ataria visitor centre, located in the hamlet of Anduetza, in the locality of Zegama, where you can find out about the cultural and natural features that blend in with these idyllic surroundings.

Information of interest

Natural Park
15.919 ha

Arantzazu, Oñati (Gipuzkoa)

+34 943 782 894

Araia (Araba/Álava)

+34 945 386 964 / 688 629 932

Zegama (Gipuzkoa)

+34  943 802 187


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