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Armañón Natural Park

Armañón Natural Park

Located in a region known as Las Encartaciones, in the extreme west of Bizkaia on its border with Cantabria, is the mountainous massif which is Armañon Natural Park. It is a primarily a rural, hilly and mountainous área featuring four main mountains: Armañón, Ranero, Surbias and Los Jorrios.


There are over 200 subterranean caves and potholes in the park. Make sure to visit the Pozalagua Cave with its impressive rock formations and fascinating stalactites.


Further information about the Natural Park and the nearby Ordunte mountains is available at the Pozalagua Cave. Both the Ordunte mountains and the Armañon Natural Park belong to the Natura 2000 network.


Several native breeds of animal have survived in this very rural area. During your visit, you are likely to see red-faced or black-faced Carranzana sheep, the Villano de las Encartaciones working dog or the Monchina cattle, among others.


Places of interest:


- Karpin Abentura


- Caves Of Pozalagua


armañón Park visitor centre: Ranero, Karrantza

T.: 688 884 330


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