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Las Peñas de Ranero, to the west of Armañon, are the most remarkable
landscape in the whole of the Karrantza Valley, one of the municipalities that
make up part of this Protected Nature Reserve. In the eastern part of another
municipality, Trucios-Turtzioz, we find the large karren of Los Jorrios, whose
lower slopes are blanketed with a holm-oak forest. This jewel of the north
east of Bizkaia is a group of mountainous elevations which create a rugged
limestone landscape formed by a rich mosaic of habitats. Secular cattle activity
has formed grazing land, pastures and hedges, but there is also room for
indigenous woodlands, such as Cantabrian holm-oak, oak and beech forests.

It is precisely the coexistence of this rich mosaic which allows a rich and
varied presence of birds, which combines ornithological communities in
rocky, moorland, grassland and forest environments. The Egyptian vulture,
the red-billed chough, the Dartford warbler, the sparrow hawk and the black
woodpecker can all be spotted.

Protection designation: Natura 2000 Network - Natural Park
Birding Euskadi Information Office: Armañón Natural Park Information Centre, Barrio Ranero de Karrantza (Bizkaia)
Tel: 946 56 00 79

Birding routes:
- HOLM-OAK FOREST OF SOPEÑA. El Suceso recreation area (Bizkaia)
- ALENTOURS DE POZALAGUA. Armañón Natural Park Information Centre (Bizkaia)

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Category: Birdwatching areas
Municipality: Trucios-Turtzioz