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Oianume Jatetxea

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Oianume Jatetxea

A traditional cider house and grill restaurant ideal for dinners for large groups, for an evening out with your partner and even to celebrate a wedding. Oianume Jatetxea, located in Urnieta, is big enough to have dining rooms of different types, and serves dishes that are both traditional and painstakingly prepared. Neck of hake, barbel in green sauce, artichokes with liver pâté, beans or cutlets are just some of the plates to be tried here. Food that can also be washed down with cider fresh from the barrel.

A suitable place for any occasion, with rooms, parking and play facilities for the smallest members of the party.

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Address: Ergoien auzoa 18  - 20130  Urnieta
Phone: +34 943 55 66 83Phone: +34 943 55 66 83