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The Idiazábal Cheese Trail (GR-283) is a circular route for walkers, made up of 6 stages which offer some unbeatable walking in exceptional surroundings, at the same time as finding out about the whole cycle of producing Idiazábal cheese: the nature parks where the sheep graze, the places where the cheese is made and the markets where it is sold.

Designed for doing a stage a day, the route crosses three valleys in Gipuzkoa province: Goierri, Urola Garaia and Deba Goiena, and gives you the chance to visit the Aizkorri-Aratz and Aralar nature parks. Moreover, on each of the stages walkers can discover a route which takes in some of the finest landscapes and places of cultural interest in the inland Basque Country.

The route is clearly waymarked. As a whole it is of a medium level of difficulty and does not require any mountaineering or climbing equipment.