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Karpin Abentura

Karpin Abentura

There was a time when dinosaurs dominated the planet. A meteorite did away with them and with most of the lives with which they coexisted. At present, man has set himself up as the main threat for animal species and, at the same time, as their main protector. The theme park Karpin Abentura explains us these facts in a pleasant, practical and educational way, making use of almost exact replicas of the big saurians and showing us more than two hundred animals -from lynxes, panthers and bears to vultures, bisons and raccoons- of 55 different species. Thus, Karpin shelters the most varied and rich collection of wild animals in the Basque Country. This singular hotchpotch is just one of the ingredients of this initiative, which aims to raise everybody's awareness of our environment's natural wealth while we learn about it, since it also have Basque native species.

The park's offer is completed with educational exhibition halls and the Gastornisland, an area gathering the animals that appeared after the dinosaurs' extinction, like the mammoth, the cave bear or the sabre-toothed tiger.
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