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Laguardia, wineries, wines and more

Laguardia, wineries, wines and more
Laguardia, the capital of Rioja Alavesa, stands guard on a hill surrounded by vineyards.
Laguardia, the capital of Rioja Alavesa, stands guard on a hill surrounded by vineyards.


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A walled town and an important vantage point in the past, today Laguardia welcomes visitors with open arms and fine food and drink.

The winding mediaeval street plan of Laguardia, the old gates into the town and the surviving remains of its walls will carry you back in time, just like the neolithic and bronze age remains found nearby, the oldest agricultural communities discovered in the Basque Country.

When you plunge into its streets, you mustn’t miss the chance to visit one of the jewels of Basque art, the church of Santa María de los Reyes with its polychrome doorway, the oldest parts of which date from the 12th century, and the church of San Juan Bautista, which boasts valuable works of religious art like the spectacular baroque altar screen. At midday you have the chance to see the mechanical dantzaris in town hall clock in action.

A town dotted with wineries

The town is dotted with wineries and you can easily see this for yourself by visiting the basements of some of its hotels and restaurants. Wine has marked the life and the history of Laguardia, so you really must try some. There is no shortage of wineries to visit in the surrounding area, many of them boasting leading-edge architecture.

You can find out just how the wine is made on many of the guided tours run by wineries in the area. And don’t forget, the best wine is always the wine you’ve drunk (as they say here) - in Laguardia you can also enjoy it in the place where it was made and aged. A visit to the town and a stroll through its streets or up to the viewpoint of “El Collao” is something you won’t forget in a hurry.