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Arantzazu Tourist Information Point opens its doors to public at the weekends and at Easter. Clearly, the main aim is to spread the features of such an emblematic building, one of the most meaningful examples of the Basque contemporary art. To do it, tours of the interior of the sanctuary and the adjoining exhibition rooms are scheduled.

In addition, it also provides information about Oñati and all the towns making up the whole region of Alto Deba. The information is supplied in Basque, Spanish and English.
Address: Arantzazu Sanctuary  - 20560  Oñati
Phone: +34 943 796 463 / +34 943718911Phone: +34 943 796 463 / +34 943718911
Opening hours: OPENING HOURS
In winter
Weekends: 10am - 2pm
In summer
Mon - Sun: 10am - 2pm and 3:30pm - 6:30pm
Services: Guided visit
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