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Eskoriatza Tourist Office-Ibarraundi Museum

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  • Eskoriatza Tourist Office, Ibarraundi palace

Eskoriatza Tourist Office-Ibarraundi Museum

This tourism office, inaugurated on the 28th of June of 2005, is located in the Palacio Ibarraundi and shares this place with the Museo Escuela de Eskoriatza School Museum. In this Tourism Office, the visitor is provided with information on the histotic and artistic heritage of the town; the trips to make in the surroundings are, for example, to the Aitzorrotz mountain, or the main points of interest of the Alto Deba region, and include very attractive spots such as the historic sites of Bergara or Oñati, as well as suprising monuments such as the Sactuary of Arantzazu. This tourism office is open the whole year round and offers information in Basque and Spanish. In addition, in the same office, a video in Basque, Spanish, Catalan, English and French is shown, in which the main touristic spots of Eskoriatza and its surrounding region are publicised . Moreover, calling the tourism office in advance, guided visits to the School Museum of the town can be arranged in order to get to know the ethnography and the prehistory of the area. The visit will be done along with activities and games that will allow you to experience new sensations with the senses of touch, smell and taste.

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