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This welcoming village in Gipuzkoa province is situated in an incomparable position on the lower slopes of the Aralar massif beneath the mountain of Txindoki.


As soon as we get to Abaltzisketa, the beauty of the town centre will catch our attention. The Town Hall is the most outstanding building in the urban area. Next to it, we will find San Juan Bautista's Parish Church. The temple dates back to the 16th century, although its Romanesque facade dates from the 13th century. Fascinating farmhouses surround the town.


Larraitz, at the foot of Txindoki Mountain

However, the most spectacular place in Abaltzisketa is the open ground of Larraitz, located at the foot of Txindoki Mountain. We will be able to visit the hermitage of Larraitz there, of the 18th century.


Situated in the middle of nature, it is also a starting point for many mountaineers who are interested in climbing Txindoki, Gambo and Pardarri Mountains. The most important town festivals are held at the end of June, where Saint John is honoured. On this occasion, a romeria (a local country fiesta usually connected to sanctuaries and hermitages) is organised on June 24th next to the hermitage of Larraitz, which is seized by music and joyful atmosphere.

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