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Alkiza is a cosy town situated in the Tolosaldea region in the historical territory of Gipuzkoa and located in a high zone on the slope of Mount Ernio (1,075 m).


As soon as we get to Alkiza's town square, the church of San Martin will attract our attention. The sanctuary owns Gothic ribbed vaults and a beautiful altarpiece made by Miguel lrazusta. Two other outstanding buildings are the Casa Cural and the Mendietxea House, both dating back to the 19th century. Besides, at the charming hermitage of Santiago we will find some relics of several saints.


Outstanding mountains, woods and meadows encompass Alkiza. Ernio's Peak is a kind of shelter for the town. Its foothill is a proper place to do some hiking. Zelataun fields, down Mount Ernio, offer views of the surroundings.


Whoever is willing to get to know and enjoy Alkiza's patron saint festival will have to turn up there on September 8th. During those days, a wide programme including rural sports, bertsolaris and activities for the little ones and the adults fill the town.

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